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Angelina Assanti

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Angelina Assanti

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Meet international award-winning humor writer and lifelong hypochondriac Angelina Assanti.

It was on a whim when she set out to do The Healthy Hypochondriac podcast. The unexpected growth led Angelina to change this from a fun, little podcast to a lifestyle movement that encompasses everything for a good life – health, home, food, fitness, and friendship. Angelina doesn’t believe in talking points or planned questions so that conversation can evolve organically – anything can happen!

If you think you would be a good guest, please send the team a message!

Angelina is also the host of our own SWFL Online News podcast, which can be found on this our website here and on YouTube here.



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1 review for Angelina Assanti

  1. Sandy Sunlover

    Sandy Sunlover

    I feel like I know her after reading her book “Thank God I Got Cancer…I’m Not a Hypochondriac Anymore!”, and look forward to reading more from her!!

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