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Elevate Your Visibility, Engage with Customers, and Grow Your Brand While Strengthening Community Bonds.

Discover the extraordinary connectivity and vibrant community of the SWFL Business Directory. Benefit from our affordable, all-inclusive package that delivers exceptional value. Stay connected, build trust, boost your business’s visibility, and drive more traffic to your business with SWFL Business Directory.

  • The SWFL Business Directory is presented as a comprehensive resource for customers to discover top-rated local businesses, attractions, activities, and more in Southwest Florida.
  • It emphasizes being a verified platform with SWFL’s best events calendar, serving as a marketplace for business owners and a digital lifestyle magazine for the region.
  • The directory has integrated premium features from classic business directory platforms (e.g., Yelp!, Facebook, Google Business Pages, Angi) with social and e-commerce resources.
  • The goal is to provide extensive exposure for local businesses to local buyers, facilitating real-time interactions, customer reviews, and direct chat between customers and businesses.
  • The platform is positioned as a place where customers can find what they need, compare specials, offers, and make bookings while promoting the products, services, and events of local businesses in Southwest Florida.

Local Traffic Advantage:

  • Specific focus on Southwest Florida ensures your business is visible to potential customers interested in the local area.
  • Reduced competition compared to national or international directories, enhancing your business’s prominence.

Domain Authority Dominance:

  • SWFL Business Directory boasts a high domain authority, increasing the likelihood of your business ranking on the first page of search results.
  • Quality content and regional specificity contribute to the directory’s elevated domain authority.

Increased Search Volume:

  • SWFL Business Directory experiences a higher search volume, exposing your business to a larger audience actively seeking services in the region.

Customization for Precision:

  • Businesses enjoy the flexibility of customizing keywords, SEO titles, and meta descriptions, aligning listings with customer search terms.
  • Tailored content enhances visibility and improves the likelihood of appearing in relevant searches.

Backlink Benefits:

  • Businesses gain healthy backlinks from a high domain authority website, indicating trustworthiness and credibility to search engines.
  • The directory’s regional specificity adds extra value to the obtained backlinks.

Effective Google Indexing:

  • SWFL Business Directory’s established reputation ensures frequent Google crawls, increasing the chances of your business listing being indexed and displayed in search results.

Post Storm/Event Status:

  • Business owners can convey their operational status with options like open as usual, temporary closures, limited capacity, or online alternatives.
  • Verified icons and messages accompany these choices, providing immediate visibility to users and promoting transparency.

Visibility Across Channels:

  • Business owners can update their information in the Business Info section, and the platform facilitates easy sharing across various social media channels, ensuring consistency and accuracy without the need for individual posts.

SWFL Marketplace:

  • Designed to cater to businesses facing power, internet, or landline challenges, the SWFL Marketplace enables online payment acceptance with the option for in-person pickups. Cellular service is the only requirement.

Streamlined Media Updates:

  • Media outlets can access accurate and immediate community updates without navigating multiple social media channels, saving resources and providing a centralized hub for timely news consumption.

Aggregated Media Information:

  • The platform aims to aggregate information from major media outlets into a condensed and easily searchable resource, facilitating post-storm/event assistance.
  • SWFL Business Directory is not just a directory; it’s a dynamic solution promoting community cohesion, business resilience, and streamlined communication during challenging times in Southwest Florida.

Just The Basic Facts…

Here’s how it works and what you have access to for your business.

Use as much or as little as you need, the rest will be ready when you are.

Business Listings


Full Ecommerce Store


Event & Ticket Listings


Our Platform Includes Great Features Such As…

Premium Business Profile…

Welcome to your Business Listing -Welcome-Page
  • Business Logo
  • Business Description
  • Business Address
  • Business Email + Phone
  • Business Website
  • Google Maps Location
  • Leveraged Google Search Results
  • Business Affiliations
  • Main + Sub Categories
  • Hours + Pricing
  • Image Carousel
  • YouTube/Vimeo Video Link
  • Social Media Links
  • Link Delivery Options
  • Yoast SEO Module
  • Customer Welcome Offer
  • Direct Social Sharing
  • Verified Badge

Powerful Community Events Calendar…

events calendar
List Your Events

Use this powerful community calendar to list your events, fundraisers, concerts, festivals, and more. It features an easy to use front-end event submission form that includes Event title, description, date, start + end times, feature photo, venues and organizers. Manage event RSVP and Tickets sales right from your dashboard.

Sell Tickets

Increase revenue potential for your Events by Selling Tickets! Each ticket has its own price, stock, and SKU. You choose when sales open and close. Instant online purchasing and QR Code check-in provided easy on-site event management.

We Charge a Flat Fee of .75 per event ticket sold.

Real Reviews That Matter…

Local Reviews

Our Local Review platform offers reliable reviews with pictures to boost your business’s reputation. Respond easily to these reviews to build relationships with customers. Trust us to showcase your services and give your business positive exposure.​

Google Reviews

You can now showcase your excellent reviews to potential customers all in one place! Additionally, we’ve made it easy for users to leave you a review directly from our platform. This means you can grow your reputation conveniently and seamlessly.

More Tools That Help Grow Your Business…

Accept Payments for Services + Products
Built-in Booking Features
Schedule Discounts + Sales
Showcase Your Business With Video
Direct Customer Messaging

SWFL Marketplace Storefront…


A local marketplace similar to Etsy, where each business can create their own online store with products. You can display your store products directly on your Business Listing and add an advertising widget that links to your store.

Store owners get access to a rich and easy to use dashboard that allows easy management of product inventory including sales, orders, shipping and more.

Our commission model is more than fair at only 5%, and your store payouts can be done via PayPal or ACH Bank Transfer. Minimum payout balance is $50, and payouts are currently executed bi-weekly after the 2 week charge-back period is met. We will move to weekly payouts at a future date.

Storefront Features…

Individualized customizable online store that store owners can tailor to suit your needs.

Store owners can create variations on a product simply from their dashboard.

Multiple products can be edited at the same time with this feature, be it product status, allocating discounts and more.

Customers receive notifications with every order detail and status change from our system as you process their orders.

No need for coupons and sale codes! Simply schedule the start date and end date for any individual products or for a storewide sale. You’re in control!

Store owners are able to easily manage orders and get notified on new orders, list by filters, status, add notes for tracking and more.

Store owners are able to get a real time overview of your store finances with break downs of earning in reports right on your dashboard.

Store owners can easily make withdrawals via PayPal or Bank Transfer upon reaching the set minimum amount of $50.

Fees & Payment Processors

We charge a 5% fee on Marketplace Products and Bookable Products.

We charge a Flat Fee of .75 per Event Ticket Sold if you plan on using these features.

We use Stripe & PayPal to facilitate Sales and Business Owner Payouts. Their rates are listed below.


Current Rate: 2.9% + .30 per transaction

We use Stripe on our site to process our charges and ticket charges.

PayPal Logo

*Current Rate: 3.49% + .49 per transaction

We use PayPal Standard to process Marketplace Vendors Payouts. 


We are in Beta Stage Two currently – Today through August 31st, 2024

Business Owners can lock in the current price of $300 per year and a 2.5% Platform Fee on your StoreFront and/or Bookable Products for their business by joining before August 31st, 2024. 


CLOSED – Beta Stage One – February 1st – May 31st, 2024 –

CLOSED – Beta Stage One launch, the price was $249 with a 2.5% Platform Fee.


Beta Stage Two – Now through August 31st, 2024 – GOING ON NOW!

Beta Stage Two launch, the price is $300 with a 3% Platform Fee.


Full Commercial Launch – On or before September 1st, 2024

Full Commercial Launch – Annual Price will be $350 with a 4.5% Marketplace Platform Fee.
Which is still an incredible price for the Features and Increased SEO you’ll receive as in comparison to any of our Big Tech Competitors.


Business Owners Lock In Your Price Today!

Join SWFL Business Directory for Seamless Connectivity and Community Growth.

Join SWFL Business Directory today and unlock the power of seamless connectivity. Elevate your business’s visibility, strengthen community bonds, and seize opportunities for growth. Together, let’s create a vibrant business ecosystem in Southwest Florida that propels your success.

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