The Lottery Heiress


Sold By: Angelina Assanti
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Megan Pagano lands her dream job and dream man and then a tragic accident turns her world upside down. She inherits more money than she could ever spend and then she loses control. She can hardly keep up with her fast-paced lifestyle of drinking, empty relationships and foreign cars. She can’t understand why being rich isn’t making her happy. Then, a brush with death and a chance encounter make her decide to leave her lifestyle behind and seek something more. Just when she thinks she has her life in control again, she crosses paths with a movie star that may influence her to go back to her old, wild ways.

Told from the first person point of view, Megan lets you know exactly what she’s thinking all the time. You see her struggle with the person she used to be and the person she wants to be. This is a love story about a confused young woman who is trying to deal with death, money and lust. And, all she wants to do is fall in love! This story is humorous and will be enjoyed by men as well as women. It has some adult humor and adult references. This is a love story that is very unique from other stories. It is a roller-coaster of a read. The story is funny and there are complications that make it funnier. The main character has a secret and it takes the arrival of a movie star to make it come to light but then the comedy ensues. The male lead has a spin-off book called, “Mark Taylor’s Checkered Past” which is also a comedy and gets more detailed about Mark’s alcoholism.

Neither of these stories are dark comedies, they are filled with humor and light-heartedness even though they deal with serious subject matter. There are many pop-culture references and nods to the ’80s. Although, people in every generation can relate to the story line. It has been selling well from teenagers all the way to senior citizens. Because of the way the story is written, it isn’t anything that would make an older person blush.

It is funny and relatively clean, despite the subject matter.

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