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SWFL Online News is the Digital Lifestyle Magazine that supports the SWFL Business Directory. We are your digital hub for local delights! Dive into the best of Southwest Florida with coverage on food, arts, entertainment, events, wellness, travel, podcasts, and local businesses. We bring you the essence of the SWFL community in every click!


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Gregg K. (Iron Vine Coffee)


Great website to browse with a cup of coffee in the morning. 😉 If your looking for anything in southwest Florida, then the SWFL Business Directory is the place to find it!

John Farrell


Finally! A website that offers southwest Florida a place for all locals without the clutter from regular social media sites. Just information on businesses in southwest Florida and what's happening in the area. Great Website!

11th Doorway


Shout Out to SWFL Business Directory! They are the best place for local anything... Local Business, Events, Arts, Food and Fun!

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