Mark Taylor’s Checkered Past (The Lottery Heiress Book 2)


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(This book is a winner of the 2015 President’s Award in Humor from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association.)


Mark Taylor is the epitome of American success. He’s handsome, rich and adored by millions. When he arrives in Miami to make a movie, his life quickly spirals out of control. And now his reckless lifestyle has left him with a secret that could destroy everything! A humorous but cautionary tale about living a life of excess, Mark Taylor’s Checkered Past is filled with inner struggles and life-changing connections. Join Mark through his battle for recovery that not everybody wants him to win.

This book is primarily about a movie star and his struggle with living in the past and addiction. It is not a dark, depressing tale of alcoholism but has serious situations that show that show you can’t live in the past and expect to prosper both personally and professionally. There are many comedic moments in the book that have readers laughing out loud. Mark is a fan of classic rock, so there are plenty of rock and roll references that will keep readers amused. This is the second book in the series, however, the stories are written independently so the reader can choose which book to read first.

This follow-up novel is also a roller-coaster ride but has some laughs and quotable moments for the reader.


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